With Universal’s Volcano Bay grand opening right around the corner (May 25), I’m excited to share with you a sneak peek inside the new water theme park.

The attention to detail throughout the park is incredible. You’ll feel as if you’re transported to a tropical getaway.

Universal's Volcano Bay First Look_2

Hundreds of Tiki faces are hidden amongst the rocks and volcano. Lush landscapes made up of thousands of palm trees and flowers surround you at every turn. The colorful carvings and artwork of the Waturi are present everywhere, taking you through their journey of discovering Volcano Bay.

My favorite part of Volcano Bay was the sense of being able to enjoy the thrills that water can bring, and then turnaround and relax the day away on a sandy beach. I mean, there’s literally a winding river AND an action river.

Universal's Volcano Bay First Look_21

For all the thrill seekers out there, you can experience 18 slides including the first-of-its-kind aqua coaster, Krakatau Aqua Coaster. Each slide has a personality of its own which gives you a different adventure down each one.

Universal's Volcano Bay First Look_15

If you’re looking for a more relaxing day with an occasional dip in the pool, grab a pair of padded loungers or a private cabana on Waturi Beach with a great view of the volcano.

Universal's Volcano Bay First Look_20

One of the fun discoveries I made was all of the “tap-to-play” experiences sprinkled throughout the park. You can trigger special effects throughout the park with just a tap of your TapuTapu wearable, such as shooting water cannons and illuminating images in the volcano’s hidden caves.

Universal's Volcano Bay First Look_16

The details even flow into the restaurants with colorful rainbow fish hanging over your head as you dine. And you won’t want to miss grabbing a fun souvenir to remember your time at this island oasis.

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