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     Vacation By The Mouse was created by Shane and Heather Harstine in November of 2001. It all started when they purchased their first vacation home in Florida Pines. Business was tough because of 9-11, so they had to generate their own bookings to pay the mortgage. After a few months, they realized that they were not only successful renting their own home, but the vacant homes for different management companies in the Orlando area. Between 2002 and 2003, Shane and Heather purchased several other homes and started building the booking side of the company. Their one road block to increase growth, was the challenge to control what happens on site with the homes. Then in 2003 they started a management company to go along with the booking agency. Vacation By The Mouse property management was launched in June 2003. The very first home under management was 345 Summer Place Loop in High Grove, and this property is still under their care. That says something about loyalty! When Shane and Heather started the management company they had several goals that they wanted to provide to their guests and owners. For their guests, they wanted to provide great quality homes and superb customer service at honest rates. For the owners, they wanted to offer great service and also piece of mind. Today, both of these goals are still priority #1.


     In 2010, Vacation By The Mouse re branded their management side of the business to Great American Vacations. Great American Vacations is focusing their efforts on providing newer, larger homes with more amenities. Vacation By The Mouse continues to be the main booking engine for the company. With two great names, they are looking to the future to provide the best quality homes in Central Florida to the 1000's of families that stay with them each year.





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